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Louisiana Bayou Region Mosquito Control Service

A locally and veteran-owned franchise serving the Louisiana Bayou Region and Greater New Orleans area, we have the protection you need against disease-carrying mosquitoes. We offer comprehensive services to meet the needs of your family or business.

Our Services Are Effective

Our popular Barrier Spray provides maximum protection for your outdoor space. The superior quality of our Mosquito Control Product and our professional knowledge in identifying problem spots on your property:

  • Destroy mosquito breeding and feeding grounds.
  • Eradicate ticks and mosquitoes on contact.
  • Provide barrier control, keeping additional mosquitoes out.
  • Provide protection for up to 21 days, at which point we’ll come out and spray again.

  • For more serious pest problems, our Automatic Misting System is the ideal solution. Our Mosquito Control Product is delivered through a nozzle system to:

  • Provide continuous coverage through mist sprays multiple times a day.
  • Provide permanent, year-round treatment.
  • Offer customized protection for homes, businesses, and livestock enclosures.

  • Trying to avoid synthetics? Made with essential oils, our all-natural option is safe for all animals and can be sprayed over water. A great idea for those looking for an eco-friendly choice, our organic blend needs to be re-applied every 14 days.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If our mosquito control program does not meet your expectations, we’ll refund your money or re-treat your property, free of charge.

    Professional, Friendly Service

    Our technicians strategically set up protection systems around the perimeter of your outdoor area. We also keep track of subsequent treatments and perform routine system maintenance. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is ready to answer your questions. Contact us today at 985-872-0301 for a free consultation.

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